A cross of Simmental and Angus, and recognized as an ideal combination of the top ranked continental breed and the top ranked British breed.  In addition to the heterosis effect, the breeds compliment each other very well.

Registration Number: 2589395 (View EPDs and Pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 4, 2011

               Beckton Julian GG B571
Sire: HXC Conquest 4405P
              HXC Ellie May MA638

               Hooks Pacesetter 8P
Dam: HSF-Cott Lacie P 18W
              Cott-GFI Lacie P4079

Registration Number: 2771231 (View EPDs and Pedigree)
Date of Birth: September 9, 2013

              GAR US Premium Beef
Sire: GW Premium Beef 021TS
             GW Miss lucky Charm 410P

              Nichols Legacy G151
Dam: Deer Creek Composite T33
              PC C39 of 853 KCF J361

Deer Creek America A2
Registration Number: 2722007 (View EPDs and Pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 17, 2013

              S A V Final Answer 0035
Sire: KS Vegas X130
             Ellingson Ms Legacy N362

              G A R Solution
Dam: Deer Creek Utopia
              Deer Creek Durango