Simmental ranks as the number one continental breed in almost every trait according to the USDA Meat Animal Research Center (USDA MARC). That is why they cross so well with Angus, the number one British breed. Simmental are a dual purpose breed known for above average growth, muscling, lean meat yield and milk. To learn more about Simmental cattle, go to

Our cowherd is very efficient on grass and forage.  They maintain excellent body condition year round.  We develop heifers and bulls with grain plus pasture, but they don’t receive any grain after about 15 months of age.  We regularly receive customer feedback about how well the bulls hold their body condition on pasture.


A cross of Simmental and Angus, and recognized as an ideal combination of the top ranked continental breed and the top ranked British breed. In addition to the heterosis effect, the breeds compliment each other very well.